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Tailless Design
  • On the evening of the 4th, two days ago, wile watching my wife play an old computer game ( Wizardy VI ) I started doodling.

    The attached plan, of a small tailless glider ( no HS, is one form I guess ), is the result.

    This is generally all I need to build a plane,  even years later.
     The annotations are habit, the dimension lines all over the place, the
    abbreviations a tad non standard.  
    But using this s a starting point I could in short order produce a reasonable flyer.

    I do this kind of thing way to much.  



    (Received via email)
  • If I get a chance to cut it out I will send some photos.

    I have literally volumes of sketches going back 40yrs+, I'll never have time to scan it all, but I am beginning to think that I should try...

    On the subject of photos, I have been building two tiny triplanes, and taking pictures all along, They are not beautiful, but promise much fun.
    I seem to have abandoned the whole concept of "The Beautiful Airplane" in favor of easy and fun. I like the KFm1 wing I am using on the little triplanes, with a bamboo spar they fly on their own,
    which can lead to much distraction at times. My next step is to build my self a new test stand to make sure the power systems are solid before installation. I am going to test with both a 6x5 and 6x3 prop. I suspect 6x3 will win. With a 12" wing span I just could not see a larger prop.


    (Received via email)

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