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Setting up the throttle channel?
  • Hi Carlos,

    Thanks for the information on the beeps from the ECU. Which direction
    should the throttle lever move? The one on my xmtr is fwd top, off—back 
    max rpm. Is there any way to reverse the position? Thanks so much for your timely
    help. The pictures show a 90 year old guy enjoying life building RC models.
    Next step is to fly the Old Timers Cub. Wish me luck.



    Neal La France

    (received via email)
  • Hi. Thank you for the pictures.

    Forward/up is full (100%) throttle.

    Back/down is off (0%) throttle.

    Good luck,
  • I just realized that you had another question that I did not answer.

    Almost all transmitters today have channel reverse capability. That is how you reverse the sense of the throttle stick.

  • Carlos,

    Hope to be Flying next week.


    (Received via email)
  • That motor mount does not look quite right. It appears to be a stick mount being used as a firewall mount. If that is how the kit came, then do not worry about about.

  • I bought the motor a long time ago, had to make a special motor mount out of .016 aluminum. Ordered Hobby King Wattmeter HK-010. Will see if the prop motor combo will work. Appreciate any suggestions.

  • I would do a full power test on the bench. Watch carefully for unusually strong vibrations.


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