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Lipo Storage Question
  • I decided to give the Flyzone Beaver combo from Towers a try. I'm a gas and nitro flyer so I know 0 about electrics and have been scared by all the dangers of the Lipo batteries that I've been reading about.  I have a nice park just a few minutes from the house so I thought I take advantage of that to fly this electric plane there.The plane brought a charger designed for the included 3 cell pack so that is not a concern. I know not to leave the charging unattended but my concern is the storage part. I bought a small fire proof safe from Lowes for $20 to store the three packs I bought which should be stored at around 3.8 volts per cell, being around 11.5 volts or so. Where in the house is a safe place to store these batteries. Sorry for the silly questions but again, this is freaking me out a bit. Thanks for any advise for this new guy! 

  • anybody???
  • Hi. Using the contact form on the main website is a much better way to reach me.

    Storing the batteries at 3.8 volts per cell sounds a little high, but it should be fine. If the packs are kept at a reasonable temperature range, then the only real danger is from the terminals shorting together. Connectors are designed to make that hard to happen. The fire proof safe is more than a good enough place to store them. Toxic fumes can be released, so I would not keep them in your bedroom. Hope that helps.


  • Gracias Carlos por tu respuesta. So what voltage do you suggest then, 3.70?
  • Yes, 3.7 is better. But do not lose sleep over the difference from 3.8.


  • Thanks Carlos.

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