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Miscounting ESC?
  • Hello Carlos:

    I have a question about LiPo batteries. I fly a 1/4 scale Extra 300S, 2 6S batteries in Series, using a Castle Creations HV 60 amp ESC and a Tower Rimfire 160 Brushless motor, around 2500 watts on takeoff using an 18 x 8 APCE prop. When I plugged the arming switch in, I thought I only heard the ESC count to 11. My spotter said no it was 12, so I trusted what he heard. I made a short flight annd when I landed, I unplugged the arming switch and plugged it back in, it did indeed only count to 11. All cells seemed to be fine. When i got home and recharged the batteries, one took way more MAH than the other,and the volts per cell on one pack was way lower than the other, any ideas what is going on?


    (Received via email)
  • Hi! That's a good question.

    Speed controls are like most people. They have trouble counting past five.

    You see, the speed control can only guess how many cells your battery pack has by looking at the total voltage. When you have that many cells, I would not trust it get the count right. It would be much better to tell the speed control (via programming) how many cells you have.

    It sounds like you have a bad or weak battery pack. My hunch is that the one that took in more mAh was the good one. The one with the lower volts/cell is the bad one. I would cycle them individually to confirm.

    The weak cells were throwing off the count of the speed control. Good catch!


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