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How do you paint your foam models?
  • I watch your videos they are very good and informative.

    I have a question about painting foam aircraft, what type of paint do you use? I use krylon but it keeps coming off, I clean the foam with denatured alcohol, when I try to add stripping it the paint comes off the plane. Do you have any idea what I need to do.

    Thank You

    (via email from Tim W.)
  • Most Krylon paints use a solvent that will melt most foams. The Krylon H2O paints do not.

    My ModiFly model pictured on the cover of my book was spray painted using standard Createx paint. Yes, it was a lot of work to do. Yes, it looks great.

    Most of the time I just want to add some color to my models for visibility. I use a large brush and inexpensive acrylic paints from a craft store. These are the little liquid paint jars that sell for about a dollar each.

  • I prefure to use latex (water clean up) house paint. You can buy the  base colors premixed or have them mix up your own costom color. Another thing I have done is to get 'mistint' paints where the paint store mixed  the paint but wrong tint, they usualy sell for just a couple of dollors. This works if your not specific of what color you want.

    Sean King

  • That's a good idea. Thanks!


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