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SYNERGY Small Glider Models
  • Hand Launched Gliders
    John McGinnis gave me the green light back in May 2011 (?)  to make this models
    Flat 2-3 mm airfoils ( then) because of Low RN . I suggest a bit of camber on the front wings (now)
    As thin a possible aft wings ( for low drag )   Bamboo keels  .  Clear tape on all surfaces
    Higher Aspect Ratio wings on the  -glider- version .  Could modify sweep, taper, wing twist , etc  Almost any planform flies.
    Gee-Bee  /  Synergy Concept   .....by Alex
  • These are really beautiful models. Thank you for sharing. A bit of camber on both front and rear wings would be good.

    I have to ask - so how do they fly?

  • if you add camber on the aft ¨wings¨ the  glider would pitch nose down, remember , they are designed to push down as a  ¨normal ¨ horizontal tail.  The trick is to make the aft surfaces not to big ( too much drag )    or too small ( not enough trim surface)  and as thin as possible to cut profile drag , and to insert  micro (?) servos inside or outside (?)  in this aft surfaces.

    How they Fly ?  good enough in ¨stock ¨planform, but better with Higher aspect wings
    Please do build a few test models to see for yourself    Synergy...its a one-of-a-kind  design !
  • The camber would of course be upside down!

    How is the stability? You happen to have any videos of them flying?

  • ....there s a few shots of a Synergy model , towards the end of the clip
    ..I am a Hang Glider pilot, so, there is a few HG take-offs too.   ...enjoy

  • A beautiful place to fly and a very nice video. Thank you for sharing.

    I have to say, your Synergy model flies better than I was expecting. It looked very stable, and the glide ratio was decent, too.

  • Thanks
    I did not pursue the Synergy models because I have been R&D my own Jay-Fives Joined wing designs
    J-5 / F-1 Nexus is -almost- ready as a test planform, for a bigger RC glider.

    John McGinnis himself , suggest several changes on the -stock- Synergy , to better suite hand launched gliders , like more dihedral, higher aspect ratio wings, more taper, etc
    Once again, please do make a few models yourself....  cant believe I,m the only one (?) who has made
    this simple flying models  !   ...other than JM

    I havent film more fligths , cause this little birds are hard to capture in videos !
    ....I estimate I have over 1000 test flights !

    For a RC plane, motorized or not, several details are key, like the sweep angle , the location of the aft surfaces in relation to the front wing  ,  the intrinsic Neutral Point(first) , which will let you know where the CG(second)  could/should  be located , according to how much static margin is needed for a specific flight performance for this close-coupled planforms.

    I am not a expert, nor do I want to brag about this issues, but with 4 years of R&D , I think I know a few little good things about non-planar aircraft.
  • From watching the short flights in the video, I do not see the need for more dihedral at all. The wing has substantial sweep, and that seemed to stabilize the model quite well. The stalling was probably due to too much up trim.

    I suppose everybody has different motivations. It really has to do with the goals for the model. If the goal is to build a model that duplicates the drag reduction features in a model, then I have to say that is highly unlikely to happen. There are many reasons for that, which I won't go into right now.

    If the idea is to have a highly accurate scale model (regardless of how it flies), then I don't think there is enough information available to do that, either.

    But if the desire is just to have a cool looking model that "sort-of" looks like Synergy but is nothing like it aerodynamically, then the door is wide open. As has been proven over and over, pretty much anything will fly.

    My hunch is that a Synergy-like model carries some dead weight as compared to a conventional configuration. They do not look like floaters to me. Instead of doing a glider, a better choice would be a sport model that can better tolerate the lower efficiency.


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