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New UTOL-UAV concept sketch and Idea (Can this baby fly?)
  • Hello Dear All and Carlos Reyes!

    Please be have a Merry Christmas & Happy New year with your family.

    I'm Stephano Park live in south korea as a electronics engineer ( Specially Mobile communication MODEM Protocol, CDMA,LTE etc)

    I've attached a file, That is a new concept sketch UAV under VTOL. as you know this,Vertical take off and Hovering energy is more than double 

    horizontal flight energy. So! I'd like to reduce energy consumption and increase flight endurance time over 90 minute.(Up to this point is Idea Start Point)

    VTOL = Electric motor Quadrotor control (100%)

    Overcome flight endurance = Quadrotor only lift energy (40%) + Pusher gasoline Engine (Thrust Power) + Folding wing 4ea lift energy (60%)

    It was consists of tandem wings structure.

    ---------------------------- Question under -----------------------------------

    1: It can be fly ? (I don't know Aerodynamic mutual relation on propeller vertex to airfoil wing) 

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