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Newsletter #39 - 2012-10-12
  • New RC Flying Tips for this Weekend (RCadvisor)

    Issue #39 - Welcome to another weekly update from RCadvisor!

    *** Matching a Propeller to a Motor ***
    In practice, what is a good process for finding the best propeller
    for an electric model airplane? This is a lot harder than it looks.

    *** Carlos' Power Rule Explained ***
    What was I thinking? Let me explain the logic behind my
    electric model airplane power system sizing rule.

    *** Inexpensive Entry-Level DLG (F3K) Gliders ***
    What are the good values in discus-launched gliders for beginners?

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    *** New Relaxed AMA FPV Rules Coming Very Soon ***
    Article written by Gary Fitch, AMA Executive Vice President.

    *** UAVs For Search and Rescue Operations ***
    So what is a good practical use for UAVs?
    Read on to see why UAVs are such a great fit for SAR missions.

    *** First Ever Supersonic Skydive ***
    The Red Bull Stratos team is about to attempt the first ever
    skydive from 23 miles up (120,000 feet, 37 km).

    *** Reprint Articles for Free ***
    Is your club looking for quality contents for its newsletter?
    All of the articles on my website can be reprinted for free by anyone,
    as long as my website is mentioned (www.RCadvisor.com).

    *** October Issue of RC Micro World Just Posted ***
    You only have a couple of days left to take advantage of the
    RC Micro World free trial. The October 2012 issue was just posted,
    and it looks fantastic. It is free to download until October 15.

    *** Fluid Dynamics of Drag Video Series ***
    These videos are a real drag,
    but do not let that keep you from watching them.

    *** What would you like me to write about? ***
    If you have ideas for article topics, I would love to hear them!

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