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Newsletter #38 - 2012-10-05
  • New RC Flying Tips for this Weekend (RCadvisor)

    Issue #38 - Welcome to another weekly update from RCadvisor!

    *** Programming an RC Speed Control, Part 1 ***
    Introduction to programming these surprisingly complex devices.

    *** Programming an RC Speed Control, Part 2 ***
    Here I get into specific recommendations on the settings to use
    when programming our model airplane ESCs.

    *** UAV Safety Being Debated by Many ***
    Now that police and emergency personnel have started using UAVs,
    their safe use is being vigorously discussed by many.

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    *** My Favorite Cutting Knife and Ruler ***
    What do you use to do your cutting?
    Let me introduce you to a couple of great friends of mine.

    *** Propeller Speed Limits ***
    Can we come up with an easy system for
    matching a propeller to a motor and an airplane?

    *** Excellent Fluid Dynamics Video Series ***
    These well-made films move quickly and
    cover many key principles of aerodynamics.

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    *** Horizon Hobby Recognizing Their Designers ***
    A few months ago I challenged the major kit manufacturers to
    credit their aircraft designers. One listened.

    *** Member Projects: Joined-Wing Zaggis ***

    *** Member Projects: Legal Eagle and Pitts Projects ***

    *** What would you like me to write about? ***
    If you have ideas for article topics, I would love to hear them!

  • ! have rulers that have a cork backing which grip slippery surfaces for clean, straight cuts.  They are made by Helix and Westcott and available in craft stores.  I have 6", 12" and 18" rulers.
  • I have one of those. For some reason, I have never been a fan of it. I much prefer my aluminum ruler.


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