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Newsletter #37 - 2012-09-28
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    Issue #37 - Welcome to another weekly update from RCadvisor!

    *** Spread Spectrum Radio Technologies ***
    JR’s new DMSS 2.4 GHz RC radio system made me take a closer look
    at the different spread spectrum signal encoding schemes.

    *** Spektrum/JR 2.4GHz RC Radio Systems ***
    How do the various RC radio systems sold by JR, Spektrum,
    and Horizon Hobby implement the spread spectrum technology?

    *** Status Report on UAV Integration into Airspace ***
    Are we on track to start opening the skies to civilian UAVs by
    December 2015? Maybe, maybe not.

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    *** Fixing The Propeller Labeling Standard ***
    The way that we name and categorize our propellers is
    hopelessly broken. Here is a simple fix.

    *** Tail Heavy or Out of Trim? ***
    I have finally come up with a bulletproof system for quickly knowing
    if a new model is tail heavy or just out of trim.

    *** RC Airplane Beginner to Expert Video Series ***
    Do you want to introduce a friend to RC flying?
    Point them over here.

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    *** Giant Indoor Model Airplane Videos ***
    These huge RC model airplanes are so light,
    they look like they could just float away.
    Maybe it is from the helium inside?!

    *** Member Projects: Ord-Hume O-H7 Three View Drawings? ***

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