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Ord-Hume O-H7 Three View Drawings?
  • Carlos,

    I flew my new ORD-HUME O-H7 British homebuilt, now a 150
    sq.in. 15 ounce electric park flyer, early this morning. Attached are
    two photos.

    This plane was designed by Arthur Ord-Hume and is a
    derivative of his Luton Minor from the thirties. I used a model plan as
    the basis for this fantasy scale model. I have been looking for a 3-view
    drawing of the original plane. I understand that there is one that was
    published in the 1970-71 Jane's "The World Aircraft". I expect to put
    out a request for this drawing in my RC MICRO WORLD construction article
    which will appear in out November issue. In the mean time is there any
    chance you might put this request for help in RCA?

    Bob A.

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