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Not using the Calculator correctly...
  • I am trying to find the best propeller given some conditions for my Clik 48". See http://cta2010.forouruguay.net/t4-acrobatico-clik-xl.

    I enter the data of the actual plane -span, length, weight, motor, ESC-, rigging it for 3D, and then run the EZ Optimizer. It returns a 2S 3200 mah battery with a 4.5 x 4.5 propeller. This makes no sense.

    Can somebody indicate what I am doing wrong?


  • Hi. When it comes to the calculator's optimizer, it is an overachiever. I will examine every combination of power system component that it can get its hands on. A lot of these combinations will not make any sense to you, but it does not know any better.

    The key to getting the type of result that you are looking for is to use the component filters. This is the button labelled "Off" next to the component name. If two cell battery packs makes no sense to you as a possible solution, then filter them out.

    You cannot run the EZ Optimizer after you have manually created all the filters. If you do, it will delete your filters and create its own simple filters. You need to run the standard optimizer.

    Hope that helps!

  • OK, great! I actually had some filters on, now I know why they were deleted. Will try again!
  • I just tried creating filters for the battery, the ESC, the motor and the prop. I left the filter off for the plane and the power system.

    When I run the Optimizer, it says "Optimizing 0 out of 0 options". Am I now being too restrictive? 
  • Found it! I had a plane weighing a thousand three hundred kilograms!

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