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Futaba 2 channel transmitter model T2ER
  • Hello Carlos, Read your email every week,good value for a newby. Much appreciated.

    Just bought a 20amp brushed ESC and planned to drive from my old Futaba 2 channel XT  in a boat .

    I follow the instruction sheet exactly but cannot get the ESC to control the brushed motor.

    The ESC does not beep when power is applied from a 7.6V nicad.  Maybe the position of the stick is incorrect, it is centre off and up/down in either extreme. 

    The ESC does power the receiver and the steering channel works properly from the other stick.

    The motor runs at medium speed but speed is not controlled.

    Am I being too ambitious ??.

  • Too ambitious? No.

    Something is seriously wrong with the system (doh!) but I am not sure what it is.

    Do you know for a fact that the speed control is supposed to beep? Normally, when they sense something is wrong, they do a different sequence of beeps to let you know what the problem is.

    Since the motor is running at a constant speed, I wonder if the problem is that it is not getting a proper control signal.

    With problems like these, my advice is normally to swap out components to try and isolate the issue. Trying out a different speed control would be at the top of my list of stuff to try.


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