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How do they run multiple electric motors & ESCs with only one radio channel ?
  • I have seen several multi-motored airplanes, but they don't
    mention the multiple ESC (speed controls) wired to the receiver !
    My transmitter is a 6 channel, with only the one channel (and stick)
    for speed control.

    This application meant for a twin-motored hovercraft:
    one lift fan with a brushed motor,
    other fan for a pusher is also a brushed motor, but with a gear reducer
    for a larger prop... I would want two sticks on my transmitter to control
    the two different motors.

    So...How do others wire two motors and associated speed controls to
    their receivers ?  (only one channel set-up for speed)

    Thanks and please respond.

  • That's a good question. Speed controls look just like servos to the receiver. In other words, they use the same connector and they respond to the same range of control signals.

    You can control the motors with whatever channels you want. I would use the throttle channel for the pusher motor. Use the elevator channel for the lifting fan motor. The elevator stick is self-centering, which might get in the way, but you can otherwise treat it like another throttle channel.

    Speed controls have built-in safety logic. You may need to move the elevator stick all the way down before that speed control "arms" itself and starts responding to the control signals.

  • I built a hover craft with two fans, img src="file://c:/@@@/
    ">escs and batteries, see picture. Both ESCs have battery eliminators going to the receiver and I have to plug and unplug the batteries to make them both work.  I am wanting to know which wire (color) to cut on one of the ESCs so I dont burn something.  Pleas answer and thanks if you do.

  • I don't think you can cut a wire on the speed control to eliminate the problem. What you really want is an optically-isolated ESC. Then only one will be trying to provide power the receiver and servos.


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