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Fuel Proof Water-Based Poly Acrylic Finishes?
  • Carlos,


    I have a quick question (perhaps article series).

    Are there any fuel proof water base poly acrylic finishes? I find that I am no longer able to use my beloved Nitrate and Butyrate Dope as the years of chemical exposure- ingestion have made me hyper sensitive to them.
    Thus I´ve gone to a combination of wbu or Future (high solids content) Acrylic Floor finish over doculam + Esaki tissue. Silkspan + floor finish, Polyspan + either wbu poly, or for really big FF doculam + Future. That big 144¨ r/c glider (Zaic Floater G-110 extended) in the attached image is .0015¨ doculam + Esaki tissue, insignias are cutout Esaki tissue. The tissue is applied with Future as one would with Nitrate dope then 3-5 fill & finish coats. Very light, great shear strength (typical of polyester [mylar] films) and has the wonderful old time doped appearance in the sunlight. Also very easily repaired.
    BUT, now I seem drawn back into glow power C/L and some SAM glow FF models, thus must find a fuel proof finish.

    Of course one will likely drift from glow to electric power, but I´ll see if I can fly them again first as I´ve my old glow engines and only a few electric motors. Too, ¨she who must be obeyed¨ has thrown down the law to use what is readily usable as she has the feeling my c/l flying may not last!!!
    Anyway, ideas?

    Thank you,
    Matthew V.

    (Received via email)
  • It's been many years since I have owned a glow model. In fact, it was a control line model. I simply do not know enough to even guess at an answer. Hopefully other website members know more than I do.


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