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Hey Carlos how does this full size wing design really work?
  • zenith stol 750

    would it work as a scale RC plane? a large gasser rc plane scratch build
  • This is a homebuilt STOL (short take-off and landing) airplane. I actually once visited the factory where they make the parts for these kits.

    The leading edge slats help delay the onset of airflow separation over the top of the wing. In other words, they delay the stall and help the airplane fly slowly. This is a "tundra" style airplane, designed to fly from small rough airfields. Hence the large tires.

    It would make an interesting "Model This" subject. Adding it to the list...

  • I have never seen a RC model of this. Maybe I'll have the first copy one day bud! Hell....I want to build a real one
  • No, I don't remember seeing a model of one, either. They are really neat looking - go for it!

  • This is nice! Gratitude for the photograph. Well, I am into vehicle restoration business and now want to take part in the trade expo to extend my customer reach. Will also need some creative trade show displays for the booth. Is there anyone that can suggest some ideas doe display panels?

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