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Bad Elevator Design in Stinson Reliant?
  • I am thinking about buying a Stinson Reliant Giant kit.  In reading
    the reviews of this aircraft, it was stated  that on the maiden flight the
    model was “twichy” and was prone to gallop.  It was determined that the
    elevator mass moment was the cause, because it was in front of the hinge
    point.   The problem was solved by moving the planes C/G and adjusting
    the elevator servo rate.    It was also stated that a 30% flaps –
    A LOT- of up elevator was need to keep the plane on level flight.  What are
    they trying to tell me about the elevator design on this plane.  ???

    (Received via email)
  • It is easy to give the model airplane kit manufacturers a hard time for not thoroughly testing their products before they are released. Let's face it, there are no perfect kits on the market. But given how little we pay for these kits, I'm inclined to give them some leeway.

    I agree that having a poorly balanced elevator is not good. Was the elevator servo undersized? That would have made the problem worse.

    Needing a lot of up elevator for level flight is a sign of nose heaviness.It really has nothing to do with the elevator itself. Was that a side effect of adjusting the CG as you describe?


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