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Yard Stick Park Flyer?
  • Maybe it's a crazy idea. How about a park flyer that uses a couple of yard sticks as the fuselage? Yard sticks are really inexpensive. They sell for less than a dollar. They come in different weights/strengths. The ones from Walmart are relatively light. I'm thinking to use two of them glued together at 90 degree angles to each other. Maybe use another use as a wing spar of some sort. Sort of a poor man's slow stick. What do you think?

  • Carlos,

        There is a Yardstick Lady who sells them by mail.  I bought 100 a few years ago.  The last quote I saw was $0.27 each.

        You might try her and see if she is still in business.


  • I'll bet this is her:   http://yardsticklady.bamspeck.com

    For prototyping, I only need a few. Walmart has some really good ones for about $0.75 each.

  • I just realized that the background image on her web page is of an RC model airplane. Is that her primary market?


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