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Newsletter #6 - 2012-02-15
  • RCadvisor Calculator Now 100% Free

    A month ago I relaunched my website, www.RCadvisor.com. Two major changes:

        1. My model airplane calculator is now 100% free.
        2. I'm posting at least one high quality free article a day.

    With over 10,000 registered calculator users already, I expect the website to be more popular than ever. The feedback on the articles has also been very positive. Here's a small sample:

    *** People Flying over New York City? ***
    It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s Superman… no, it’s RC planes.

    *** Product Review: Tactic AnyLink System ***
    With great fanfare, Hobbico (parent of Futaba) has just released the AnyLink system. Does it live up to the hype?

    *** FAA UAV and RC Aircraft Rule Changes ***
    For five years now I have worked full-time in the UAV and model airplane industries. Let me explain what is going on and why.

    *** Model Airplane Calculator is now 100% Free ***
    To celebrate the relaunch, I’m making my advanced model airplane design calculator completely free to use by all registered members of this website. What are the implications?

    *** Introduction to Calculator EZ Optimizer ***
    The most powerful feature of my free model airplane power system calculator is the EZ Optimizer. Here’s how to use it.

    *** Comments Never Heard at the Flying Field ***
    Chatting with other pilots between flights is part of the fun of RC. I’ve been flying for a long time and I’ve eavesdropped on many conversations. However, here are some comments that I have never heard anyone say…

    *** Book Review: Mustang Designer ***
    Looking for a scale subject? Read this book–a labor of love in honor of the beloved fighter.

    *** Model This: Aeronix Airelle ***
    Warning: gorgeous airplane up ahead. Uncontrollable drooling may be unavoidable.

    *** Website Review: Flite Test ***
    Imagine this: professionally produced free videos of model airplane reviews, tips and news. Entertaining hosts. A new video posted every couple of days. What’s not to like? As it turns out, plenty.

    *** Vintage Model Airplanes and RC Systems ***
    Ready for a trip down memory lane? Here’s a great collection of videos, pictures, and articles of early model airplanes and radio control systems.

    *** Looking for Quality Contents for Your Club Newsletter? ***
    I just added a notice to the end of every article that permits republishing as long as I’m given credit and the article is not modified.

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