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Foam-Safe Spray Paint?
  • I do all my painting using either a brush or an airbrush. They work, but have some drawbacks. Using a brush leaves brush strokes. Airbrushes take some skill to use effectively.

    Are there any spray paint cans on the market that are safe to use on polystyrene foam (XPS)? The propellant that they contain apparently dissolves the foam (have not tried it myself). A website member asked me the question, and I just do not know.

  • At Michael's craft store, try spray can Floral Spray. Not a huge set of color choices, but foam safe if you don't get heavy handed, and light. Dust on several very light coats.
  • Hey! It may not be a perfect solution, but it sounds good enough to meet most needs. Thanks!

  • Krylon Shortcuts

    Krylon H2O

    Testors will work on some foams. Use very light coats.

  • That makes perfect sense. Krylon H2O latex is not solvent based and is available in 21 colors, which is not bad.


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