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Motors for Heavy-Lift Hexacopter?
  • Hello Carlos

    I'm working on a large, heavy-lift Hexacopter (1 metre between motors) and I'm looking for suitable motors. Could you please advise?
    Is it better to put all batteries in parallel, or should I connect 1 battery to each motor?

    Naresh Sharma
  • If you put all the batteries in parallel, then you won't be caught by surprise when one gets discharged before the others. On the other hand, that also means that you would have to run heavy power cables out to each motor. If you are going to be very conservative and land long before any battery has a chance to run out, then I suppose you could power each motor separately.

    Knowing which motors to use is a harder question. I designed a tricopter once using my calculator. Just set the airspeed to zero and measure the amount of thrust. Ignore the airplane editor - just focus on the power system editor. I don't know if it would be a good fit, but I like this motor:

    Link to Hobby King quad motor

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