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Interference from power lines?
  • Hi Carlos andrew here in sa. Could you help with the following problem? Flying a skyrider on it's own transmitter. It is 2.4. Do i get interferance from microwave towers or high power cables? I will send a pic of the ridge that I fly. Behind me are the microwave towers in the pic are the high power cables. The last crash about 70ft up nose dive and absolutely no response on controlling the glider sounded like a gunshot when it hit the ground. Will send the pic

    Thanks Andrew boyley
  • Hi. Spread spectrum radios (2.4 GHz) are very resistant to radio signal interference. Unless there is something very odd going on that I do not know about, I doubt the problem is radio interference from the power lines.

    Not knowing much about the model, I cannot even begin to guess what happened. If you send more details, I can take a guess as to what happened. In the meantime, I wrote an article that talks about common causes of crashes that might help:

    Why do Model Airplanes Crash? article


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