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Propeller, electric outrunner, speed control needed

  • I have a requirement for at least four systems where I want a 22 inch
    pusher style fan blade to run in a stationery fan ring that it about 10
    inches deep. I need to move the maximum number of CFM in free air or
    with some static differential across the fan ring or about 75 Pascals. I
    need the props, motors and controls that will allow me to run the fans
    from near zero to maximum speed using a control knob and/or a control
    signal. I want to move in excess of 5000 cfm and would prefer to go up
    as high as I can go with a limitation of 2000 Watts of input power on
    the upper end. The batteries do not have to be super light since they
    will not be airborne but should be in some kind of pack that would allow
    them to be easily carried around. The system should also run with each
    single fan connected to 120 or 240 V AC maximum 2000 Watts by means of
    some kind of rectifier/charger arrangement.

    I realize that the application is a bit out of the ordinary but
    believe that all the components are currently available and it’s just a
    matter of selecting the correct ones for my application. The weights are
    not so important although the motor should be less than 7 lb.

    On batteries, the system should run at full speed for at least 20
    minutes and while plugged into mains power should run at full speed for
    an hour.

    Colin Genge

  • My free online power system calculator could be used to solve this problem without too much trouble. The online tutorials do an excellent job of teaching you about the features of the calculator. I would start there.

    Are you looking for someone to solve this problem for you? If so, contact me privately about a possible consulting arrangement.


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