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Pickerel - Agile half pound park flyer
  • I like this plane, any reports of others who've built it yet?
  • I just finished the design two days ago. Give them time! I already got a couple of emails from folks telling me that they plan to build one.

    The ease of building cannot be beat, and it's a real head turner at the field. I am more than happy to answer any questions that you might have during the build.

  • Hello Carlos,
    Loved your Pickerel build and flying. You used foam board.
    Is this Depron foam that the online Hobby folks sell?
    Do you use Crafters glue with Depron? I would like to not have to use CA.
    What about EPP foam? Is hot glue the way to glue EPP, or is there another way,
    and is EPP a good choice for a delta or joined wing?
    There are so many types of foam out there I am having a hard time
    knowing what to use. I want to build a Pickerel soon.

    Thank you, Jon Francis

  • Hi.

    Yes, the foam in Dollar Tree foamboard is about the same as the Depron that is sold online. This is a man-made material, so there could be small differences. I'm familiar with Midwest Cellfoam 88, and it is very similar to that.

    Yes, the airplane was built mostly with Loctite Crafter's Indoor-Safe glue. I have not used CA in years, and do not recommend it for use with foam.

    EPP foam is just not very strong. It is also hard to find locally, other than in pool noodles. It would not work in this design. Hot glue works well with EPP, but frankly, I have not used it much myself. EPP can be made to work in airplane designs, but it needs lots of reinforcements.

    These are my recommendations for a Pickerel foam source (descending order): Dollar Tree foamboard, Midwest Cellfoam 88 (5 mm),  or any other foamboard.

    Hope that helps! Keep the questions coming!
  • I was out flying Pickerel this morning. As a test, I moved the CG forward another 0.25 inches. It flew beautifully! It was just a sweet flying airplane that could do no wrong. Bottom line: put the CG 0.5 inches ahead of the step.


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